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24 items that can help you have a more organized and productive 2024

24 items that can help you have a more organized and productive 2024
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Jennifer Murray |

With 2023 behind us, many of us are wondering what 2024 will bring. A new year brings new opportunities, a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of looking forward.

Sometimes material items can help us to be more focused on the important things, whether they help us to cut the clutter, know exactly where what we need is, keep things clean with less time or simplify or beautify a space.

The below 24 items are things we think will help you have a more productive and organized 2024. Is there anything you own that helps you to be more productive or organized? Please let us know in the comments here!

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2024 weekly & monthly planner

This simple planner has monthly and weekly pages.

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Life & Apples wellness planner

This undated planner helps you track your daily schedule as well as your goals, exercise, meal planning and more!

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ClickUp App

If you are more of a tech person than a paper person, the ClickUp App looks like a promising way to boost productivity at home and work! It is free to use for basics, or $5 per month for the whole works.

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Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

This book has almost 50,000 great reviews at Amazon! It will help you get into good habits in any area of life, and can help you become more productive.

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Cube timer

Setting a timer to accomplish tasks can be very helpful! This cute timer is affordable and has time management settings of 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.

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Quicken Simplifi

This deal helps you keep track of your money! It’s also 50% off right now. See details here.

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Vtopmart airtight food storage containers set with lids

Organize your dry goods with this nifty set; labels are included!

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Set of 6 refrigerator organizer bins

Keep your fridge tidy and see everything at a glance.

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Car backseat organizer

Great for kids. It can help organize all the toys and snacks and keep stuff off the floor!

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Reusable produce bags

These produce bags come in 3 different sizes, are see-through, washable, and reusable. Take them shopping so you don’t have to use plastic bags at the store! Currently available at Amazon.

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Expandable food container lid organizer

No more missing lids! This can fit in your cabinet or in a drawer. Available at Amazon.

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Food Saver

Vacuum seal your food to extend its life and save space! Prices range from $50 to $80, but we have seen daily deals lower for these as well.

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Air fryer

Air fryers are fast, efficient, and healthy! Another favorite among cooks. We often see great deals on these at Best Buy.

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Instant Pot

Multitudes rave about the Instant Pot and the quick work it makes of dinner! Prices range from around $50 to $180, and we often see daily deals on these.

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Mesh laundry bags

Keep your delicates together; or how about your socks? Never lose one again…is that possible? Mesh laundry bags sell from about $7 to $16 at Amazon.

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Robot vacuums

The selection of robot vacuums are currently extensive; you can choose vacuums or mops, and very often a combination of both! Prices generally range from $80 to $700, depending on brand and functionality, but we often see big discounts on robot vacuums at Newegg and Woot. Consumer Reports is a great place to research the different brands and models to see how they each stack up. Let a robot do the work you’d rather not do!

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Cable management boxes

Organize tangled and messy cords and hide power strips with this simple tool! Items such as this outlet surge protector are also very useful.

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Priced from $8 to $40, you can use e-cloths to take care of cleaning chores, using only water! Everything from dusters to window cleaners is available.

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Wallet multi-tool

Find multi-tools similar to this for as low as $4 at Amazon.

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Mop shoes

Make cleaning a little more fun! Kids would love these!

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Window blind duster

There are a variety of blind dusters available to make cleaning those dust magnets easier! Prices range from about $7 to $15 at Amazon.

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Brush drill attachment set

Brushes can attach to your drill and power clean! Sets run from $8 to $27 at Amazon.

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Storage containers

It’s so nice to have a place for all of your belongings.

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Wall organizer

This can help keep brooms and racks out of the way and off the floor!

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