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5 ways to get the best deal on pizza

5 ways to get the best deal on pizza
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While you can’t take away the guilt you might feel after ditching your diet and eating a pizza, you can take some of the pressure off your budget. With delivery fees, tips and added toppings, pizza can add up to be an expensive dinner — but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of ways you can get a great deal on pizza and keep your hard earned dough in your wallet.

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Tips to save money on your next pizza night

Pick up your order

Yes, delivery is so much more convenient — but it’s also so much more expensive! Not only do you pay extra for the tip, but you’ll also pay a delivery fee which usually runs around $4 depending on where you order. So, if you’re tipping $5 and paying a delivery fee of $4, that’s an extra $9 tacked to your order! That’s more than the cost of a large 3-topping pizza at Domino’s. On top of saving on the tip and delivery fee, you’ll also save money with special carryout deals offered at many stores. You can also find a great deal on pizza at Costco. Pick up a slice of pizza for $1.99, or a whole pie for $9.99!

Always check for specials

Most pizza restaurants have a specials page online where they feature all of their best deals. There’s always a special available and they’re often much cheaper than regular pricing. If you don’t see a deal you like online, call your local pizza joint. Often the store employee will know of deals that are specific to your local store that aren’t available online.

Never order without a coupon

If you’re paying full price for a pizza, you are paying too much! There are almost always coupons available that offer deals like buy one, get one free, coupons for 50% off your order and free dessert. This coupon makes any large pizza just $10 at Papa John’s. You can find these coupons by signing up for your favorite pizza joint’s email list, text message list or creating a Google alert for pizza coupons.

Order online

When you order online from your favorite pizza place, you have the chance to use online-only coupons, earn rewards points and even get free pizza. Plus, you can take your time ordering to create the perfect custom pizza.

Skip the drinks

It’s easy to add a soft drink to your order when you’re buying pizza, but doing so is costing you a pretty penny. Skip the drinks and save money by buying 2-liters at your local grocery store. You’ll have more options to choose from!

Of course, the best way to save money on pizza is to cook at home. However, if you can’t beat that craving for made-to-order pizza from your favorite pizza joint, you can use these dough-saving tips. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you!

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