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10 items that are cheaper on than
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There is no doubt that Amazon’s convenience and selection is virtually unrivaled in the online shopping space. For a long time, Amazon set itself apart as the cheapest bargain when it came to buying items on the Internet.

But is this really true now that other competitors have entered the market? Several sources say, “not anymore!” In fact, Time discovered last year that could easily save users about $500 per year.

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Nonetheless, when comparing Amazon to, it isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison. When considering convenience, selection, customer service and overall experience, Amazon easily beats out Jet. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have the extra perks of music and video streaming, in addition to free two-day (in some cases, free one-day) shipping.

However, you shouldn’t let this keep you from getting the best deal. Here are 10 items that are cheaper on than they are on, according to a study done by Boomerang Commerce.

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10 items that are cheaper on vs. Amazon

Health & beauty products

When it came to health and beauty products, Jet had Amazon beat 86% of the time, while Amazon carried 55% more products. Research firm Profitero found that Jet was in fact 10% cheaper than Amazon. But, that doesn’t mean that Jet was the best price overall — other ways to really save on health and beauty products include checking them out at your local dollar store, or saving using these strategies.

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Baby products

In the Boomerang study, 84% of’s baby products were cheaper than, while carried 58% of baby products carried on Amazon. In fact, according to, baby products cost about 10% less on! Plus, you can also use coupons to make your order even cheaper.

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Furniture was another category where Jet beat out Amazon on price, with 82% of its items being cheaper than Amazon. However, Jet carried just 23% of the furniture items Amazon carried. There are ways to save even more on furniture, though. Check out these 9 ways to buy discounted furniture.



Pet Supplies

When it came to pet supplies, Jet was the price winner 78% of the time, while Amazon carried 32% more product. Profitero also found that consumers pay 12% less on average for the same products on versus Amazon.

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Household products

Household products were next on the list, saving users more money 70% of the time on, while Amazon had 36% more selection in this category. On average, Jet saved customers 11% more than Amazon. But, if you really want to save on household products, you could opt to make your own!

Home and garden saved customers more 63% of the time in the home and garden category, while Amazon gave users 19% more selection.

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Home improvement

While Amazon gave customers 33% more selection when it came to home improvement, 62% of Jet’s products were cheaper.

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Again, beat Amazon 58% of the time in the electronics category, but Jet only carried 28% of the electronics products Amazon carried. Jet was 6% cheaper overall.

However, you’ll probably find the very best deals on electronics at, or


In the appliances category, Jet was cheaper 53% of the time, with Amazon carrying 19% more product.

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Finally, in the grocery category, Jet was cheaper 45% of the time, with Amazon carrying 39% more selection. Jet was 7% less expensive than Amazon overall.

However, if you want to really get the best deal on groceries, your best bet is to frequent a Walmart or Aldi instead!

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