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Top 10 senior saving strategies from The Senior List

Top 10 senior saving strategies from The Senior List
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Some things only improve with age — and one of those things is discounts!

If you’re a senior and you want to know the best ways to stretch your dollar or you have a family member who is, check out these tips from

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For travelers: “Buy yourself a senior pass.”

There are a lot of ways seniors can get discounts when traveling. Amie Clark, co-founder of says one of the best deals on travel is for those who love National Parks, where seniors can often get hefty discounts on entry fees. (See their article on National Parks passes here.)

Another way seniors can get discounted rates is through air travel. “Many of the top tier airlines offer 10% off for seniors,” says Amie.

Additionally, she says, “If you travel by train, Amtrak their policy gives seniors a 15% discount off of every fare.  If Greyhound is more convenient they offer a senior discount (5%) too!”

For foodies: “Always ask whether the restaurant offers seniors discounts.”

If you love to go out to eat, you’re not alone. In fact, last year, spending on dining out overtook grocery spending for the first time ever, according to the Commerce Department. But luckily, if you’re a senior, you can get discounts when going out to eat!

“Most senior discounts aren’t advertised, and even the locally owned franchises are variable as to their policy. Sometimes restaurants will offer discounts during off-hours, such as early bird specials and other discounts,” says Amie.

At the pharmacy: Join the club and consider the cash price.

Getting prescriptions filled can be expensive. And the cost continues to go up. That’s why it’s essential to fight back by knowing how to get the best prices on prescriptions.

Amie has some great advice when it comes to getting a great deal on prescriptions.

“Many pharmacies offer their own ‘club’ programs,” she says. “Joining these can provide discount opportunities on medications and more.”

But although insurance is supposed to save you money, another saving opportunity might just be found by avoiding your insurance altogether.

Amie says, “Make sure you verify prices through your insurance carrier AND the cash price. You’d be surprised how  often paying cash for generics will beat the insurance carrier prices. Essentially you’re cutting out the middle man.”

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For fashion: “Pay attention to senior discount days.”

If you want to save on clothing, shoes and accessories during any time of year, many stores offer senior discounts on clothing.

“Retail establishments like Kohl’s, Banana Republic and Dress Barn offer senior discounts on certain days, ranging from 10-15%,” says Amie.

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For groceries: Know when the discounts are.

Groceries can be expensive for everyone. Luckily, there are discounts for seniors at many well-known grocers.

Amie says, “Fred Meyer, Kroger’s, and New Seasons all offer discounts on certain days of the week or month.”

To find out which grocery stores offer senior discounts and when, check out the detailed list here.

At the movies: Call ahead!

A night out at the movies can be a real treat. The trouble is, going to the movies can be pricey! Besides going to a dollar theater, there are other ways seniors can save on going to the movies. Amie has one big piece of advice for getting a great deal on going to the movies: Call ahead!

“Many of the major movie theater chains offer discounts for seniors, and they can be substantial,” she says.

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Discounts you’ve never thought of: National oil companies, hair chains and educational institutions.

Though you might’ve already been aware that grocery stores, retailers and restaurants offer discounts for seniors, other companies and industries offer discounts that might not be as well-known.

Amie says there are a few weird discounts that pop up on the radar once in a while, shared by The Senior List’s reader community.

“Some National Oil Changing companies,such as Jiffy Lube, tend to offer senior discounts. Also, some of the national hair care chains may offer a senior discount such as Great Clips or Super Cuts.”

Another great saving opportunity? Education!

“Community Colleges and major universities tend to offer discounted fees for seniors,” says Amie.

Final takeaway: “It never hurts to ask!”

Amie says that the key to getting discounts anywhere is to always ask. She says, “If you look at any of our senior discount lists, you’ll note that invariably, some local franchises won’t be offering discounts in certain markets. This kind of thing is highly variable and we always recommend to ask first.”

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