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Does shopping at Aldi really save up to 50% on groceries?

Does shopping at Aldi really save up to 50% on groceries?
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Mike Timmermann |
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If you're a Clark fan who likes to save money on groceries, you've probably heard about Aldi by now. 

But what about the grocery store's claim that it can save you up to 50% compared to other stores? That claim is proudly displayed on Aldi's website: 

Switching to ALDI-exclusive brands saves you up to 50%* over national brands on the things you buy the most. What could be easier?

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national competitors.

Price comparison: Aldi vs. Walmart vs. Kroger 

We decided to put Aldi's claim to the test, so we compared the prices of 15 items that you might buy for your family on a regular basis.  

Since Aldi prides itself on its privates brands, we went for the generic items sold at Walmart and Kroger, a regional grocery chain. And while a couple of items weren't the exact same size, they were very close. 

Take a look at the results of our comparison and see if there is anything that surprises you! 

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Chicken breast (1 pound) 

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$2.29/pound $1.99/pound $1.99/pound

Ground turkey

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$3.29 $3.94 $2.79

Milk (half gallon)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$1.49 $1.61 $1.79

Dozen large eggs

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$0.89  $1.78 $1.59

Frozen Brussels sprouts (1 pound)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$0.99 $2.38 $1.39

Frozen mixed berries

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$2.79 $3.86 $4.19

Pasta (2 pounds)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$1.45 $1.97 $1.89

Pasta sauce (24 ounces)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$0.99 $1.50 $1.59

Black beans (15.5 ounce can)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$0.59 $0.72 $0.69

Oats cereal

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$1.19 $1.67 $1.88


Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$0.69  $0.98 $0.69 

Bananas (1 pound)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$0.44/pound $0.56/pound $0.59/pound

Pretzels (1 pound)

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$1.29 $1.98 $1.67


Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$1.99 $2.96 $2.49

Ground coffee

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$3.99 $4.94 $4.59

Grand total 

Aldi    Walmart Kroger
$24.36 $32.84 $29.82

Aldi is the clear winner, but not by 50%!

Aldi's prices were 18% lower than Kroger and 25% lower than Walmart, according to our comparison. And that's without using any manufacturer's coupons or cash back apps at Walmart or Kroger. 

However, if you were to compare a bigger list of items, you could see even bigger savings!

Watch how the savings add up… 

Chances are your family is spending a lot more than we did in our example, but you get the idea. 

If you're able to find a way to trim 20% off a $100 weekly grocery bill — shopping at Aldi or using another strategy — that adds up to $1,040 in money that stays in your wallet.

Those savings alone might be enough to motivate you to step up your shopping game!

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