Sears ascended to the top of the U.S. retail industry as a mail-order catalog company, then department store, before being overtaken by Walmart in 1989. Still, Sears continues to be a major player in the retail industry. A top 25 retailer, the store known for selling everything from appliances to auto parts and tools draws millions of customers every year even in the wake of massive restructuring and revamped partnership deals recently. In November 2017, the company ended its decades-long relationship with Whirlpool, maker of dishwashers, washers and dryers and the like.

Sears Best Deals

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Despite the shedding of its Whirlpool business, Sears will have a number of name-brand appliances on sale for the holidays, including refrigerators and lawn mowers in addition to household wares like mattresses and furniture. The store's Deal Center will have coupons that are redeemable in regular stores as well as outlet locations.Β ForΒ locations near you, click here.