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16 of Clark Howard’s favorite deals

16 of Clark Howard’s favorite deals
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Image Credit: Clark Howard
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It’s no secret that money expert Clark Howard is a huge fan of deals! In fact, the penny-pinching guru has often said that he’s willing to accept lower quality for a lower price. With that in mind, below we present a bevy of some of Clark’s favorite deals in recent memory.

Do you think he was being too cheap when he bought these items — or not cheap enough? Write in with your comments below!

Note that these are deals Clark has purchased in the past. Have you bought any amazing deals? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook to let us know for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!

1. $9.97 for 48-packs of Kirkland Signature batteries at Costco

“We were running low on AA and AAA batteries when I saw Costco was modernizing the packaging on its batteries,” Clark says. “So I bought ones with the old packaging on clearance.” If you’re not a Costco member and you’d like to be, check out this deal on a membership.

2. Philips Norelco shaver 2300 for $29.96 at Walmart

“There’s a belief that you have to spend a lot of money to get a good shave with an electric razor,” Clark says. “But this one has been great!” This razor is now $43.99 at Walmart.

3. $7 golf shirt from Sam’s Club

“This is a fantastic cotton blend Member’s Mark golf shirt that I got on clearance at Sam’s Club for $6.91,” Clark says. This shirt is now out of stock, but was $8.98 at last check.

4. $15 toddler’s winter coat from Costco Wholesale

The consumer expert got this warm winter coat for his grandson at one of his favorite warehouse clubs!

5. Percussion massager from Sam’s Club

This item was marked down from $79 to $49.91 at Sam’s Club. We’ll let you in on a little savings secret — any price that ends in a penny at Sam’s Club is a markdown at the warehouse club! A similar massager is available for $29.98 at Sam’s Club.

Check out more secret savings hacks at Sam’s, Costco & BJ’s Wholesale right here.

6. Garmin Venu fitness tracker

The consumer champ is really enthusiastic about fitness trackers in general. “[They’ve] become such a big part of my life,” he says. “I walk around 5 million steps a year or some 15,000 steps a day on average. Recently, I did 18,124 steps in a single day.”

Clark notes that he likes his Garmin Venu because it “guilts me into working out every day of the year.”

Right now it’s $219.99 from Amazon.

7. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone

This is actually an “ultra-expensive” phone, according to Clark! But on the plus side, he notes that it takes better pictures than a high-end camera. You can find these phones renewed for less.

Meanwhile, Samsung announced its Galaxy S24 in January 2024. That means older models of its phones are on sale!

8. Tesla Model Y standard range

Clark picked up this sweet ride for $39,990 a while back and says it’s the “greatest SUV ever.” ‘Nuff said! He called Tesla and asked for the standard range Y at the time.

Today the Model Y starts from $31,490 after a federal tax credit & estimated gas savings.

9. Graeter’s ice cream

“There is one thing in life on which I will not compromise,” Clark confesses, “and that’s ice cream.”

“I have an affinity for high fat, high-quality ice cream. It is my weakness. For much of my adult life, I ate a pint of ice cream a day. Today, though, I have only about two pints a month. I’ve really modified my intake because I was struggling with weight as a result of my habit.”

The consumer expert calls Graeter’s — a longtime Midwest favorite that hails from Cincinnati — “the best ice cream in the world.”

Meanwhile, inquiring minds want to know what Clark’s favorite flavor is. That would be Toffee Chocolate Chip!

10. Saucony men’s Cohesion 11 running shoe

Clark paid only $36 for these sneakers but admits, “I run slowly no matter what shoe I wear!”

These sneakers start at $41.95 currently at Amazon.

11. Sam’s Club khaki pants

The consumer champ says he usually gets his khakis for under $10 from Sam’s Club.

“I always look for single-digit prices, either new or used. That way I never have to worry about paying too much,” he says. “On the downside, I know that my clothes look like they cost single-digit prices!”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Clark is a size 32 waist.

12. Acer 715 Chromebook

The penny pincher is a huge fan of Chromebooks and calls his Acer 715 “my do-everything computer.”

You can find a variety of Chromebooks on sale from $150! Meanwhile, Clark also says he recently purchased his wife Lane a MacBook with an M1 chip for $849 at MicroCenter.

13. Novaform 14″ ComfortGrande Plus memory foam mattress, king size

The consumer expert picked up this mattress on sale from Costco for $499 on sale.

14. Roomba

Clark says he and his wife think their Roomba “is the best, except it plays hide and seek from us!”

Meanwhile, you never have to look too far to keep up with the latest deals on robot vacuums at!

15. LED light bulbs

“I bought my last supply of 24 from Home Depot for a dollar a bulb,” Clark says. LED bulbs can save you big on energy expenses!

16. Aldi private label Basmati rice for $1.19

“This is half the cost or less than the brand name and the taste is indistinguishable,” Clark says.

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